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Nosible is an AI used by multi-billion-dollar asset managers to make data-driven decisions about investments.

Interactive visualization of a Nosible AI embedding for 1,500 companies and the >16,000 topics linked to them.



Decompose any equity portfolio into risk factors to categorize its style, flag outliers, and identify potential risks.

Which factors do you calculate?

We calculate 15 fundamental and 2 alternative factors for almost every publicly listed company worldwide. These include size, value, growth, momentum (short & long term), low volatility, low debt (short & long term), profitability, quality, liquidity, innovation, sentiment, and hedge-ness. We also blend them to calculate the Nosible multi-factor.

How do you calculate factors?

To minimize noise, every factor is derived from multiple ratios over multiple periods. This data is standardized to ensure that each ratio has an equal opportunity to impact the final factor score. For example, our growth factor blends revenue growth, operating income growth, net income growth, and EPS growth over 1, 3, and 5 years together.

How do you adjust factors?

To ensure fair comparisons we calculate adjusted and unadjusted factor scores for all companies. Our adjusted factor scores consider the currency, geographic location, and GICS classification. You can easily toggle between the different adjustments to visualize their impact on portfolios and companies.



Benchmark portfolios against one another to see the similarities and differences between their two investment styles.

How do I add portfolios to Nosible?

Portfolios can be managed using the Nosible search engine or the Nosible RESTful API. Portfolios can also be uploaded from CSV files. You can also upload weights, but it is not required because Nosible lets you select a default weighting strategy. By default, Nosible uses market-cap weights capped to 15%.

How are portfolio signatures calculated?

Your signature shows you the weighted exposure across all holdings to each factor. A portfolio holding many companies with above average growth will have an above average exposure to growth. In Nosible, portfolio signatures are visualized as a collection of box plots. Each box plot shows the median, IQR range, and outliers for that factor.

How can I compare two portfolios?

Behind each box is a second light grey box. These light grey boxes show the signature of a benchmark portfolio. You can select any of your portfolios as a benchmark or a reference portfolio. Next to each factor the percentage difference between the portfolio and the selected benchmark is shown.



Discover ideas across any market cap, geography, sector, industry, or theme with the search & recommendation engine.

What are Nosible recommendations?

This is the list of companies from around the world that match your signature the best. If your portfolio is very exposed to value these companies will tend to have good value scores. Likewise, if your portfolio is very exposed to growth these companies will have tend to have good growth scores.

Can I filter my Nosible recommendations?

You can filter your recommendations on geography, sector, industry, theme, market capitalization, and more. With a few clicks you can instruct Nosible to find the best mega cap industrial stocks in Asia for your portfolio. Or you could instruct Nosible to find the best cybersecurity stocks in America.

Can I override my portfolio signature?

Yes, if your portfolio is positively exposed to short term momentum but you are looking for companies that have underperformed you would just add a negative factor tilt on short term momentum to achieve that. You can tilt away from and towards multiple factors at the same time.



Analyze valuations, accounting ratios, historical financials, equity curves, performance tables, and more.

Which analyses do you support?

The overview tab shows a description, symbology, and links. Signature & Ablation shows the impact of adding the stock to your portfolio. Key ratios shows key accounting ratios versus peers. Financials shows historical financials. Red flags scans for risks. Valuation creates a relative valuation matrix based on realistic multiples & growths. Performance shows quant metrics versus peers. Chart shows stock prices versus peers. And, finally, headlines shows recent news.

How do you calculate your peer groups?

Peers are companies in the same size bracket and sector with similar fundamentals, historical returns, and language. Language similarity is estimated using a natural language processing model trained on company profiles, linked Wikipedia pages, and news headlines and articles.

Can I export data to do my own analysis?

The symbology, latest financials, adjusted and unadjusted factor scores, and historical returns for any company can be exported by clicking the download to Excel button. In this export we also include the data for each of the peers so that you can do your own benchmarking and analysis.



Protect capital with our automatic red flag scanner and alternative factors like sentiment and hedge-ness.

Which red flags do you scan for?

We scan for indications that a company might have too much debt, have unsustainable dividends, operate through opaque legal structures such as Variable Interest Entities, be declining in terms of their competitiveness, are extremely overvalued compared to their peers, and more.

What is the hedge-ness factor?

Hedge-ness is an alternative market data factor we created. It measures how well a company would have acted as a hedge during historical market drawdowns. Companies that performed well during multiple bear markets and "kept up" during bull markets have high hedge-ness scores.

What is the sentiment factor?

The Nosible sentiment factor is an alternative data factor. It measures the positive vs. negative sentiment expressed about a company in recent news articles. Our sentiment factor is derived from an AI model trained on millions of news articles published over the last couple of years.



Stand out when marketing your portfolio to potential investors with easy-to-save, professional data visualizations.

How does Nosible help marketers?

Allocators are increasingly adopting more data-driven fund selection methodologies. They want to see data that proves a fund is sticking to their style. With Nosible marketers can enhance their pitches with transparent data visuals that clearly show the fund's style, trade-offs, and exceptions.

Can I export Nosible visualizations?

Every data visualization in Nosible can be exported as a high-quality PNG image with one click. Additionally, all our visualizations are interactive so you can zoom into sections of any visualization and click on any bar, line, or point to bring up the corresponding company's data.

Can Nosible help my fund attract flows?

Both funds and allocators use the Nosible platform. In 2022 we will make it possible for our users to privately share their portfolio with allocators who wish to see it and explore the possibility of investing into that portfolio / fund.

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