Research ready linked datasets.

Nosible has spent years building systems to collect and clean financial data. Our datasets cover tens of thousands of entities and are the backbone of our platform. Enterprise users can access our curated datasets using Nosible Hub.

Ten categories, over fifty datasets.

Nosible Hub has over fifty linked datasets spanning ten data categories.

Data science is not easy. It's also not quick. A 2018 Kaggle survey of 23,000 data scientists found that only 14% of their time went into building models whilst 27% of their time went into gathering data and cleaning it. In other words, data scientists spend double the amount of time curating data than they do using it. With Nosible Hub you can do better.

Nosible datasets are made available in one standardized file-format and use both ISIN codes and Nosible IDs as indexes. This means that it is easy to link datasets together. In minutes you can combine insights from multiple datasets.

For example, you could plot the drawdowns [market returns] of all semiconductor companies [company metadata] in the MSCI World Index [equity ownership] that are closely associated with “Wafer Foundry” [natural language]. With linked datasets you answer complex questions and build impressive stock screeners with just a few lines of code.

Unlock the potential of language data.

Trained on over 15 million sentences, our AI has associated over 600,000 topics to companies around the world.

cloud firewall, cybersecurity vendor, network security appliance, cloud security, threat protection, intrusion prevention system, ...

antibody inhibitor, antibody sequence, placebo patient, cell surface receptor, atopic dermatitis trial, antibody treatment, ...

graphics market, semiconductor inventory, graphics acceleration, graphics core, semiconductor manufacturer, sensor maker, ...

aircraft component maker, lift helicopter, missile defense interceptor, space propulsion system, thrust reverse, ...

semiconductor trade restriction, wireless technology, backhaul connectivity, edge processor, broadband connectivity, ...

amplification assay, cancer diagnostics, mammography screening, tomosynthesis, ablation therapy, biopsy procedure, ...

lithography process, semiconductor tool maker, semiconductor wafer, semiconductor equipment, wafer fabrication equipment, ...

wastewater pump, irrigation business, pump manufacturing, meter accuracy, utility spending, drip irrigation, wastewater, ...

potash production, crops, fertilizer supplier, carbon fertilizer, phosphate mine, nitrogen fertilizer, ammonia capacity, potash, ...


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Growing 24/7

On any given day the Nosible data engineering pipeline handles over a million ETL jobs. The pipeline runs 24/7 on a distributed computing cluster. This data is indexed twice per week and used to produce the Nosible Hub datasets.

The chart on the right shows the growth in the number of news articles Nosible has collected and associated with companies. As of January 2023 our dataset stands at over 4,000,000 news stories. This is just one source for our language datasets.

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Free samples are available to all Nosible users. Enterprise users have full access to Nosible Hub.


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