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Nosible crunches massive datasets to discover patterns. This enables us to understand your investment style so that we can help your investment team stay on top of their game.







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The ability to articulate your investment style is crucial. It inspires confidence and helps raise assets. Nosible makes it possible to bolster your investment narratives with compelling, easy to understand data visualizations that leave little room for doubt.


Factors like growth or value aren't absolute, they exist on a spectrum. Nosible lets you see how exposed you are to each factor compared against tens of thousands of global funds and highlights the trade-offs of that position.


Millions of news stories and documents have taught our AI what companies do. With our search engine you can quickly discover companies linked to any topic in any geography or sector. Search results are ranked based on how well they fit your investment style.


Given your style, Nosible immediately identifies new ideas for your portfolio that fit well. You can filter ideas by geography or sector, override your style on any factor, and sort ideas by a number of metrics including contrarianism.


Data means more when it is put into context. Is a ratio high or low, good or bad? For every company Nosible has identified a set similar companies suitable for comparative analysis. This makes fundamentals easier to understand and saves hours of research.

Sense Check

Using similar companies as a proxy you can check to see whether a company is relatively undervalued, fairly valued, or overvalued in seconds. Input your own estimates and Nosible immediately recalculates the implied CAGRs.


Style analysis makes it possible to flag active funds that are actually passive. If you're a fund buyer, this helps you avoid paying active fees for passive funds. If you're a fund, this makes it easier to differentiate yourself and justify your fees.

Flag Risks

Nosible scans financial statements and other company data for potential intrinsic risks. We flag those risks as soon as they appear and make it extremely easy to find them in your portfolio or during your research process.

See for yourself

This interactive data visualization allows you see and interact with an embedding learned by one of our AI algorithms. Each color point represents a company. Each grey point represents a natural language topic close to that company.


Know what you own, and know why you own it.

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