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Our Data Partners

Nosible tracks over 32,000 companies and 45,000 equity funds around the world. Any global equity or domestic equity portfolio can be analysed with Nosible. Keep on scrolling to learn more.

Get answers to your questions.

Import any fund from Morningstar or build a portfolio and in minutes you will have answers.

What is in my portfolio?

Does this portfolio prefer growth? Or value? Which industries is it overweight? What is its free cash flow yield? Or R&D spend? Or revenue growth rate?

How is it any different?

Which holdings are contrarian? Is this portfolio in the top quintile of growth funds? Is it exposed to themes like cybersecurity, lithium, or medical devices?

Is it a closet indexer?

How different is the portfolio to benchmarks based on active share? How active is the asset allocation? Is the portfolio factor agnostic or opinionated?

What should I add?

What are the best European consumer cyclical ideas for this portfolio? Which medical device company fits this portfolio the best? What do similar funds own?

Who is comparable?

Which companies are a fair comparison? How does the company compare on valuation? Or growth? Is the company an outperformer or an underperformer?

How do I find companies?

I think demand for medical devices is rising, which companies make them? Who manufactures the blades for wind turbines? Who refines lithium hydroxide?

What's behind the returns?

What portion of the profits and losses are coming from Europe versus Asia? Are losses concentrated in holdings with high multiples? What are the top performers?

Where are the red flags?

Which holdings have declining margins? Or are at risk of defaulting on their short term debt? Which companies in the fund do not fit the manager's style?

Our Customers

Customer success is our number one goal. We like to engage closely with customers to understand their businesses and how we can help. We are proud to say that our software helps fund managers and fund selectors who manage tens of billions of dollars.

Powered by big data and AI.

Data is the foundation of our business, so accumulating and curating it is a core focus.


89,000 securities tracked
32,000 companies indexed


600,000 searchable topics
Multiple investment themes


Over 4,000,000 news articles
15,000 articles added per day


Over 45,000 equity funds
Millions of cross holdings


5-minute bars for all stocks
Three years of history


10 years per company
Tracking over 120 line items


10 years of SEC filings
Over 8,000,000 sentences


Over 12,000 Wikis matched
Over 1,000,000 sentences


32,000 company websites
Over 100,000 social profiles

See for yourself

This data visualization shows you an embedding learned by one of our AI models. Each colour point represents a company and each grey point represents a searchable topic close to that company.

Go further with Enterprise features

We support multiple paths to our insights because every investment process is different.

Nosible API

Enterprise customers can integrate their existing technology stack with Nosible using our API.

Nosible Hub

Enterprise customers get direct access to over 50 curated datasets covering the Nosible universe.

Accessible to every size of fund.

Nosible is used by all kinds of investors from billion dollar banks to self-directed individual investors.

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