Find your next investment.

Nosible is a search engine that helps investors discover relevant investment ideas in any continent, country, sector, industry, or investment theme in seconds.


Let your portfolio speak for itself

Your portfolio tells a story. It says if you like or dislike debt. What you think of size and liquidity. Whether you prefer value to growth or dividends to innovation. It can even say whether you like industry leaders with wide moats or up-and-coming underdogs. Your portfolio tells a story, our AI listens and adapts itself to your style.


Discover great companies

With your personalized AI you can discover relevant ideas for your portfolio in any continent, country, sector, industry, or investment theme in seconds. Within a few clicks you could be analyzing innovative cybersecurity stocks in Israel, high dividend consumer stocks in America, or growing semiconductor businesses in South Korea.


Catch risks with data science

Using your portfolio as a benchmark, we can also identify holdings that deviate from your style. This allows you to instantly find those companies in your portfolio with above-average debt, below-average liquidity, or that are just too expensive given their growth. We help investors avoid costly value and dividend traps.


Save time with intelligent tools

With AI peer groups you can quickly build comparative analyses across key metrics or factors, arrive at robust AI estimates of future growth, or compare long term share price growth, volatility, or drawdowns. Nosible saves investors days of upfront research on every idea leaving them with more time to dive into the details.

Pricing Guide


$ 0
per month
  • 1 user license
  • Max 2 portfolios


$ 100
per month
  • 1 user license
  • Unlimited portfolios


$ 750
per month
  • Up to 10 user licenses
  • Unlimited portfolios
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